Planned Yellowhead Trail and 66 Street Intersection Removal Benefits

6 months ago
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Update: This question has been rephrased in order to provide clarity about planned works for the project. 

With the planned removal of the signalized intersection at Yellowhead Trail and 66 Street, you may not be able to access, exit or cross Yellowhead Trail at 66 Street.

Thinking about this change, what are the benefits?

Explain your answer.

  • PeggyZ 7 months ago
    Living in Montrose and often using this intersection to go west on the Yellowhead, access 66 Street when travelling from the east on the Yellowhead and travelling north and south on 66 Street since 1981 I see no benefit to me as a resident as I will now have to go out of my way to get to and from my neighbourhood, particulary to and from Londonderry Mall.
  • Upset Driver 7 months ago
    I see no benefit in closing such a major intersection. I drive this way to and from work everyday as well as drive my kids to school. I live in Bellevue and take 66 street all the way to 153 avenue....closing this would then leave me high and dry to find an alternate route that will take longer than needed. Not only that, it is also a way for me to access the Yellowhead when needed. It also provides access for me to get to my doctor's office and Londonderry Mall. It is a major route for me just like others who use Whitemud or Anthony Henday. It would make me supremely angry to see this makes absolutely no sense.
  • Ditto 7 months ago
    I am a Montrose resident for the past 26 years.I have seen a lot changes good and bad but unfortunately closing 66 st will help the Yellowhead congestion but for those who live here hate to see the access to Yellowhead cut off. We who live here hate what they did to 121 ave from 58 st to 50 st.Those speed bumps are annoying so most go up to 66 st and get access to anywhere east.The lights at 121 and 50 st are a very bad risk for accidents.especially us coming out of newton and Montrose neighbourhood get very frustrated at those lights witch are turning red too dam often.Seen many run threw it.Now close 66 st and traffic will get scary at that corner especially. If you think closing 66 st and forcing us to travel down 118 ave east or west won't work because most avoid traveling because were tired of seeing the no budget money avenue(scummiest) of the city.
  • PastorNorman 7 months ago
    Faster construction and safer for the workers. A short term pain for the locals with long term gains for everyone.
  • Keith 7 months ago
    I checked the propsed plans and they show 66 st and YHT still having lights. Is this a temporary closure for construction or permanent? People who use this intersection will be forced onto fort road and the intersection there can't handle the current traffic it has, let alone all the new traffic it's about to get. If you close 66 and YHT, fix Fort Road and YHT first.
  • Ankur Patel 7 months ago
    Edmonton is fast growing city and I am fully agree that yellohead should be interaction free highway.. if they need funds to do this ,, let's make go fund me page and in a month people will pile up lots of dollars to make it traffic free road
  • Redshoes 7 months ago
    It will make the area less congested
  • Ekotamike 7 months ago
    Geting Yellowhad trail moving at 90k has been the answer for more than 2 decades, This is what we've needed all along. Now let's get it done.
  • Namu 7 months ago
    Closing 66 street traffic lights could be bad ideas. If access to Yellowhead trail through Wayne Gretzky is closed by some reasons, e.g., heavily damaged or big accident, there is no way to connect yelloheaf trail, 50 street is too away from Wayne G Drive. 66 st should be the alternative route, so doesn’t looks good ideas to close. However, other nearby roads is good idea to close.
  • katy 7 months ago
    It will certainly ease Yellowhead congestion going east-west at peak hours, but that will be overshadowed by severe inconvenience to locals going in any direction. Why not use the Henday as the highway, and the Yellowhead as local access?
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
  • Gilly 7 months ago
    I understand the need to turn the Yellowhead into a freeway but do it the proper way with an interchange, not by cutting residents in the area off. I use 66 Street every day. Using Fort Road instead is a lame option; using 50 Street — a poorly planned two-lane road, will be out of the question with increased traffic.
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
    • Tim 7 months ago
      Today, the traffic issues in Edmonton stem from decades of under-funding, and some poor planning. Wouldn't it be nice to go back and re-plan the whole roadway system (sic). A grade separation at 66 St. would be the ideal situation, and I feel for anybody that accesses the 66 St. intersection. I also worry about the increase in traffic flowing north/south along the narrow 50 St, and the safety of the small intersection at 118 Ave. I believe money will need to be spent with improvements required to accommodate the increased traffic on 50 St, north of the Yellowhead, as a result of closure of the 66 St. intersection. Today, the much larger infrastructure funding issue in Canada is the lack of a large enough tax base to draw on. Canada is such a large country, with a very small population. At this point in our history, much of the infrastructure across Canada is in need of upgrading. The Yellowhead needs to become as fee flowing as possible. An over pass at 66 St, although not impossible to build, (I'm guessing here) probably is in the $40,000,000 range.
  • NMR 7 months ago
    I believe this will greatly help the east-west traffic situation. I'd also like to see the number of lanes expanded.
  • Mat N. 7 months ago
    I don't see any benefits. Traffic already moves through the intersection at 70 km/h; removing the lights and ability to cross at 66 St. will prevent my most direct access home from the Yellowhead, and all areas North which continue to be developed. All for only an increase of 10 km/h? It doesn't make sense.
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
    • Kristin 7 months ago
  • Albertan 7 months ago
    Safer operation of YHD, increased vehicle capacity of YHD
  • citizen of 66 7 months ago
    I see no benefit to closing this intersection. What is the plan now that the new ETS garage is opening? there is going to be increased traffic that will have no where to go if they close the intersection at 66st and they begin working at Ft RD and Yellowhead. Looking forward to attending the meetings.
  • Gavin 7 months ago
    As a Montrose resident the only benefit I would like to see from this is cleaning up the total eyesore commercial.properies on 66 St between yellowhead and 120 avenue. They are constantly covered in graffiti, look run down, half don't even look open for business. I would like to see these removed and turned into some nice residential infill properties.
  • just sayin 7 months ago
    closing the 66st intersection to me is a mistake . As a resident of the area it is an important pathway to many places i need to go ie. work , shopping and recreation areas. To close our access to allow traffic to pass through more quickly does,nt seem right to me . I thought that was the purpose of the Anthony Henday . People use the Yellowhead to get to places within the city and to close the access and exits like 66st. will only serve to greatly increase the volume of traffic in and around the ones that are left open . I agree that access from lanes and driveways that are uncontrolled should be closed but 66st , never. To close 66st.would only help people passing by and would greatly inconvenience the local residents and surrounding neighborhoods who use it everyday to live and maintain their quality of life in their community.
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
      I agree with all of these comments. I live in Highlands and use 66 st as a north/south road daily to commute to work near Londonderry mall. I use this road because 82 street is already congested, especially during peak travel times . Also at times of accidents on 82 st, it is very useful to have 66 st to detour too. 50th street is a one lane road in some sections so detouring traffic to 50th street for north/south traffic is not a good solution and will increase traffic volumes . I strongly feel that north/south travel on 66 street should remain open. Overpass???
    • Kristin 7 months ago
      Well said!
  • billyboi 7 months ago
    Total closure of 66 St will effectively mean that the Yellowhead has become a two mile (3.2 Km) WALL between 82nd and 50 St. So local residents and any north/south traffic now using 66St will have to detour to either 50 St or 82nd St to cross the Yellowhead. Both these routes already carry heavy traffic, especially 82nd St.I totally agree with the concept of the Yellowhead becoming a freeway, so if there is to be no interchange at 66St, then the plans must include building a bridge over the highway for local traffic to cross this WALL.How will pedestrians and cyclists get across with no bridge?Compare the heavy traffic on 127 St and 97 St because there is a 2 mile wall of railroad tracks between the north and south with no crossing for vehicles or pedestrians at 113A St. Don't repeat the mistakes of the past planners by building this barrier to freedom of north/south movement.
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    • Jenn M 7 months ago
      I agree, connectivity between the north and south is important. Detouring around will be detrimental to bikers and pedestrians, and more than inconvenient. In addition, it seems counter to all the efforts the city is putting in to bike lanes and trying to get people to use other modes of transportation. If you want people to walk and bike, they need ways to do it easily, and safely! They have already studied bike path connectivity in the city, and the yellowhead is already a huge barrier as it is, and removing another pathway will make it more difficult.
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      • Kristin 7 months ago
    • Edmontongirl 7 months ago
      Agree!!!! A wall. ☹️
  • just sayin 7 months ago
    Frankly i can,t see any benefit for the residents and surrounding communities by closing the 66st intersection . To the contrary , having to use 50th st or 82nd st to access the Yellowhead and the north side will make it more difficult and will greatly increase the traffic and travel times associated with this increased volume . Also local business,s will suffer as access to them becomes more difficult for their customers and suppliers . No , the only benefit to closing this very important intersection to the local community would be for the people who are just passing by on their way to somewhere else . The focus of this study should be on how to improve this intersection and its access to the Yellowhead instead of just closing it . I,m sure that the decisions have already been made and that our concerns will mean nothing to the decision makers but if you don,t voice your opinion then you loose your right to complain about the outcome . Who knows , maybe this time if enough people disagree with the decision to close 66st intersection they may try to find an alternate solution . Lol .
  • DGW 7 months ago
    Is there a plan to construct a bridge that spans over YHT on 66 street?If not, why not. Let's focus on the well being of our people and not just the commuters and truckers.
  • Betty 7 months ago
    No benefit. I need that access daily in order to avoid crossing on 129 ave with constant trains.
  • Evon S 7 months ago
    I am excited to have a freely flowing traffic pattern in that area as that would mean there would be no intersections east of 121st. The only person that I know who frequents 66th street only uses the 66th street corridor to get through the Yellowhead Trail and simultaneously avoid using 50th street and 82nd street and 97th street - everybody else uses 97th street. The removal of intersections along the Yellowhead is long overdue, and I feel that the removal of intersections such as 66th street will greatly reduce the number of accidents that are experienced on this roadway during inclement weather. An overpass would be nice though, if that might be a possibility.
  • SCD 7 months ago
    I'm very happy about this closure and I live in the neighbourhood. Overall, I'm content to use alternate travel routes (50th/82st/WG) in exchange for an enhancement to my neighbourhood. I see a ton of benefits:-Increased safety and reduced traffic on 66st, particularly between 112th ave and 118th ave which is a residential area with many children and young families. Speeding vehicles who shortcut north up 66th from 112th to head to Yellowhead or continue north is a huge problem during rush hours on the existing one way due to motorists using 66th when the traffic is more suited to a large collector road like 50th, Wayne Gretzky or 82nd. -Increased walkability and multiuse on 66 st-Good integration with he neighbourhood renewal - the new bike zones being introduced on 113th ave (crossing 66st) can be embraced without the worry of speeding motorists-increased traffic flow on Yellowhead. I routinely travel East and West up Yellowhead between 97th and Victoria Trail, traffic will now flow quicker and more smoothly-The current traffic pattern stopping/existing on 66st can be unsafe especially during inclement weather.
  • Stu 7 months ago
    Closure of this intersection is a long time coming.Number one, it is so close to the Gretzky / Fort Road interchange that it makes no sense to have an intersection at 66th street. There is simply no way to justify the expense of building an interchange here that isn’t needed. I live right nearby. I can handle driving five more blocks to get to Gretzky or 50th Street.Number two, there is a safety consideration here. People shortcut all the way up 66th to the far northside. This just isn’t what this road wasn’t intended for. Please just close it.
  • Ralph 7 months ago
    This intersection should have been closed a long time ago. having a free flowing throughway is essential. I could never understand why this intersection as kept open after the 50th Street and Fort Road accesses were completed.
  • orangemanbad 7 months ago
    I would prefer to have an overpass or flyover bridge at 66 st rather than closing it but the most important thing is getting rid of the lights on yellowhead and getting the speed up to 100 km/h or 90 at minimum. This is 40 years overdue. Yellowhead is part of the trans-canada highway and there's a 6 block section with 3 sets of traffic lights for crying out loud.
  • D.C. 7 months ago
    There really are no benefits from my point of view.
  • JD 7 months ago
    No benefit and upgrades will be required along 50 Street, 82 Street and Wayne Gretzky/Fort Road to handle the additional traffic.50 Street will need to be widened to 4 lanes from 118 Avenue to Yellowhead Trail to handle the extra traffic volumes.
  • dave 7 months ago
    66st is not a problem area traffic moves fine here. removing this intersection will only make problem ares worse forcing more traffic to them, like 50st north and south of yellow head. if anything for 66st maybe remove left turns from the intersection and remove the traffic lights.and no crossing YH of corse without the lights lol
  • Missy 7 months ago
    Hello, I live on 118Ave close to 50St. It seems like a lot more traffic will be directed to my neighbood highlands? Is this correct?
  • Trouble 7 months ago
    I can think of no benefits. 82 street is already congested as is 137 avenue. What is the purpose of this closure?
  • Rain 7 months ago
    Please do not close the following:50st, fort road and victoria trail exits as they are my road access to my work. Thank you!
  • Kecamml 7 months ago
    Save 66 street and yellow head trail crossing
  • Crabby Apples 7 months ago
    There are no benefits to closing the intersection. This should be an over/under pass to keep the north south traffic flowing on 66 street and smooth flowing on the Yellowhead. After all keeping the traffic flowing is the purpose of a Freeway right ?
  • mgpainter 7 months ago
  • Edmontongirl 7 months ago
    I agree there is NO benefit to this closure. Has the city considered that the only way out Of the northeast quadrant southbound to downtown is fort road. When that gets jammed up what is our exit strategy going to be?? We will be literally stuck there with no exit strategy. Right now at least 66th can take some of this burden if it has to. And there are many times it has had to and it does it well. The northeast is chokes off enough. Also on the south side of yellowhead is North edmonton gymnastics. A legion. Several marital arts studios. There’s a baseball park and a hockey arena that will get choked out. I don’t feel this closure shows merit as some of the others do. Please listen to the comments. No one wants this!
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    • Kristin 7 months ago
    • Donald 7 months ago
      Fort Road is not the only way between downtown and the NE, there's Victoria Trail which turns to 118 Ave, 50 St/112 Ave, 82 St, and worse case scenario, the Henday and 97 St.My kids practice at Russ Barnes so I do see your point there but 118 Ave is only 3 blocks to the south so we'll adjust. Removing the light at 66 St will improve my daily commute in the rush hour which will let me spend more time with my kids at a cost of taking 2 extra minutes to get them to practice, it's really not a bad trade off.
  • J-T-S 7 months ago
    Zero benefit except one fewer (out of a LOT) set of lights on Yellowhead. And the disadvantages? Let's see:(1) Detours to go south/north around yellowhead at 66th, which would divert lots of traffic, as well as(2) Detours to access Yellowhead from 66th , which would mean cars would have to find an alternate access point, which leads us to(3) Large amounts of redirected traffic onto 118th, 112th, 50th, and all the neighbourhoods in between, which leads us to:(4) Existing infrastructure on the above areas that are NOT geared up for more traffic. If Yellowhead is really going to become more of a freeway (and might I just remind folk that we now have the Henday for some fast, lights free(ish) travel), then why on earth wouldn't there be a cloverleaf or some other design that allows for traffic flow to continue N/S on 66th and access from 66th to yellowhead, whilst removing the lights (and delays) from that intersection.
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    • Donald 7 months ago
      All the lights will be removed on the Yellowhead.
  • Mike 7 months ago
    Having Yellowhead as a freeway
  • Tinay 7 months ago
    Bad for the people living around that area, it will take them way longer getting to work or school, traffic will just back up on other streets because that will be there only route now. Think about everyone especially those who will be affected by it most.
  • FedUpCitizen 7 months ago
    Build an overpass at 66th and Yellowhead with lanes to provide access to the Yellowhead and exit from it. Come on Edmonton Transportation, you need to start doing better at making things work for the betterment of traffic flow and citizen, not to trying to discourage everyone from driving.
  • S 7 months ago
    Whole heartedly disagree! It is one of the few ways to get south from northside of the city easily with out having to utilize the henday any people utilize access to yellowhead from 66 St get in and out of the city whether it's for work or travelling. To take away the access to yellowhead would create numerous traffic headaches as well as be a waste of tax payers money, when they lay out works perfectly fine. It will be harder for citizens to utilize the train station if they are using it to get to and from work school etc if it is closed. All around this is a horrible idea and will just create more traffic back ups and issues than "solving your problem and making fort road look nice"
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    • Kristin 7 months ago
  • Bob Loblah 7 months ago
    06Mar19.....You have to stop operating with a ' millennial ' know-nothing brain. The city of Edmonton is so much in the hole that it just cannot afford to ' take out ' loans to pay for this highway change. Just look at Canada's national debt. Being $850+ billion in the hole, how can a country with a small population of taxpayers pay off this debt. Wake up and smell the stink. Wait until the city can afford it which would be not until 2075. And that's the truth. pwm
  • martin 7 months ago
    seems every time this city make a plan it is a plan that is outdated by 30 years! this should be a overpass not a closer. plan and simple think of the future traffic that will be a bottle neck in other areas!!!!
  • SD 7 months ago
    As a resident of this neighbourhood, I am surprised to see many speaking against the plan to close this intersection. The interchange at Wayne Gretzky Drive is 750 metres away. And, the 50th street interchange is nearly as close. There is simply no financial use case for building another interchange at 66 street.Beyond that, I would hope people could recognize that closing this intersection will be good for the neighbourhood. Most comments posted here are about the inconvenience of getting out of (or through) the community to other areas for shopping, etc. Would it not be better if this prompts us to shop more locally and eventually helps to stimulate more local economic development?We need to start thinking like a community and not an off-ramp to elsewhere.
  • Brenna Stefure 7 months ago
    The ONLY benefit would be if the speed limit for the yellowhead was increased to 100 km, due to the fact that it would be classified as a freeway.
  • Daryl 7 months ago
    i don't think there is any.if fortroad is clogged and 50st like normal.there is always 66 st to use
  • Crayon 7 months ago
    I see that any negative comments just get deleted. So no one is interested to hear peoples opinions unless it reflects well on them. I will keep my opinion to myself (although I think it's a really bad idea).
  • Firefly 7 months ago
    The only benefit that I can see is It is easy to block the road off and have a free flow on the Yellowhead. One less traffic light is a good thing and a higher speed limit is a better thing.
  • Caseman 6 months ago
    There are absolutely no benefits for the residents of Newton/Montrose or Highlands. The only benefit I can see is to the city, who won't have to pay for the development of a proper interchange in that location. A great inconvenience for the residents of my community to be funneled way over in either direction to be able to go north from our area.
  • racewalker 6 months ago
    opening 125 ave. to 50 st is a must if access to yellowhead no longer available on 66 st.
  • doug 6 months ago
    I feel there is no benefit to closing the intersection at 66 St. I feel this would simply push traffic to already busy areas.
  • David 6 months ago
    There no benifit for people in this area. If you live in the west end or Stoney Plain maybe. But syncranized lighting is the best way to go. The traffic will be as congested any way. The night mare of using 82 or 50 streets is ludicrus.
  • Andrea White 6 months ago
    No benefits
  • Eric 6 months ago
    There IS a benefit in that it is a dangerous intersection to begin with. People have died there and I understand that there must be a balance between convenience and cost. Travelling west on YHT and making a right, northbound turn onto 66 Street is a blind one when you consider pedestrians.
  • Forgotten North Ender 6 months ago
    No benefits for my family.I live close to 82 st and 160 ave.I feel it will be asinine to close 66 st. north and south bound.82 st is a very busy street.We use 66st or 50 st to by -pass 82 st congestion.Road ways north of 153 between 82 st and 50 st need to be widen now.They will be much more congested after the YHD conversion.
  • Winterheat 6 months ago
    No benefits to us. We live south of the Yellowhead, between 50 And 66 Streets. The only safe access to a busy 50 Street is on 121 Avenue. With speed bumps to navigate and the left or North turn timing allows one vehicle.Our other access to go westbound on the Yellowhead will be to cross 66 Street going West to Gretzky
  • brendie 6 months ago
    There are NO benefits. Think about the congestion that 50 St. and 82 St. will endure. Do any of these planners live on the north side? What happens when there is a crash on the new freeway? It'll be backed up for miles without any way to get off. Think this through carefully, designers and planners...the time is now to stop making mistakes. It will cost less to build it now than to add it in the future. Northside residents want 66 St. to remain open. At the least, build us an overpass if you can't afford an interchange. Does anyone else feel northsiders often seem to get the short end of the stick?
  • Jeff 6 months ago
    It will be good to finally have an actual freeway with no lights stopping traffic and a speed of 80km/hr. All these small access around 66th street are an issue and good to eliminate them. Also, if this results in improvements to 50th Street and Fort Road that is great as well. Finally we can move traffic at greater than 50km/hr on the yellowhead from one end of the city to another.
  • Chris 6 months ago
    We attended the open house on Saturday and for an hour I asked as many attendees as possible if they thought this was a good plan/idea or not. NO One I spoke to agreed with or like the plan. However, 2 different city staffers told me that so far 99% & 98% of people they spoke to supported the Yellowhead Freeway idea so it was definitely supported by residents. It looked to me that the City is just playing lip service to us and regardless of our feedback they will go ahead as they have already planned.
  • Jajvan 6 months ago
    I do not see any benefits to the local communities. I see the opposite. A flyover would solve most of the access concerns and still allow the Yellowhead to be a freeway. Closing this crossing would be detrimental to those living south of the Yellowhead.
  • Diane 6 months ago
    As a long-time resident of North Ed, I strongly oppose the closure of the 66 st. crossing at the Yellowhead. Living in Montrose in the early 70's using 66 st. to get to 126 ave. & 73 st. (before the Yellowhead) was necessary because of the train tracks and now crossing the Yellowhead is necessary to get to the same location, Londonderry Mall, as well as to access family/friends, other services, schools, and businesses. If prevented from crossing 66 st. you might as well head off to Kingsway Mall. As it is North Ed is a wasteland of derelict blgs., over abundance of medi-centers/pharmacies and that big old Safeway at 118 & 66 that has been vacant for more years than I can remember (eyesore and waste of space). I have no problem with removing access on/off the Yellowhead at 66 st. but removing the ability for anyone to get across 66 st. at that intersection would be a huge mistake. A flyover/overpass would be great, you keep traffic flowing on the Yellowhead and residents are still able to use 66 st. to get where they want to go. Question.... what about walkers and cyclists? Let's really give this some thought and stop giving North Ed. the short end of the stick. Thx.
  • K 6 months ago
    I have lived in Edmonton all my life, born & raised. My home has always been in the Northeast of the city. Again City Planning has come up with another ridiculous idea. Who actually comes up with such nonsense? I personally take 66 st to the Yellowhead turn off everyday as my work is in the Winterburn area. That being said let's take a look at some of these planning ideas and how they have worked out.1. Anthony Henday 1st quarter was started in 1990 and opened 1992 starting in the SW (lessard/Callingwood area) City planners did not take in consideration the growth of the city in this area and now have to go from 4 lanes to 6.2 Anthony Henday and Gateway. Was a nightmare trying to get onto 23 Ave and have since put in an overpass.3 Anthony Henday and Campbell Rd. Planners did not anticipate the volume of traffic merging onto the Henday from the Industrial area and major traffic issues here, where sometimes your backed up past Ray Gibson Dr. City now planning on expanding.4 Kingsway/Nait LRT station. Use to take me 15 mins to travel to Kingsway Mall from Highlands now I don't even go to Kingsway due to the travel delay of 45 minutes + (just waiting to get through the tracks and lights)5 Wayne Gretzky, 82 St and 50 St all a joke! Rush hour your lined up for days trying to get off the Yellowhead. With possible accidents and deadlocks where is a person to get off? Who has that much time and gas to waste?I peronsonally would love to see an overpass which will let us merge onto the Yellowhead. Point being the City should be looking at the long term effects of this plan before going ahead and then spending tax payers money to fix the problem afterwards. As an avid user of the Yellowhead this would be very detrimental to us living south of the Yellowhead.
  • NS 6 months ago
    Reading all of the commentary confirms what we already know. The majority of residents and business owners DO NOT AGREE with this change, yet if you think the majority voice (OF TAXPAYERS) will change the City's mandate, we are all fooling ourselves. It's just a strategy for the City to confirm they "covered their asses" by conducting a stakeholder consultation, regardless of findings or taxpayers opinions. Again, key word - taxpayers. When they publish the final report noting their findings from all of the stakeholder consultations, it will not state the real opinions - only theirs, not ours. They'll spin the findings and ensure they are communicated in a manner that indicates the majority of us are "NOT ONLY IN AGREEMENT, BUT EXCITED BY THEY CHANGES!" They've already made up their mind - they are just placating us, the taxpayers who will actually be affected by the change. From a common sense perspective, it doesn't make any sense. Yellowhead Trail has been ENTRENCHED with those access points since it was built 30+ years ago - a main artery to access those major streets to get to work, home, shop, access other areas north and west, etc. Taking them away basically shuts down that access. Attending the information session on Saturday was confirmation that the city really doesn't have any foresight or common sense...we asked about accessing NAIT from Yellowhead and the CITY engineer said that "they hadn't thought that far ahead and maybe a roundabout would be built. Seriously - over where - the cemetary and CN tracks? Give us a break. The Henday is already a nightmare during rush hour and now you want to landlock vehicles onto a stretch of road with no in and out access unless you are at either end? And let's not forget the upcoming major project to widen Fort Road over by the new bus barns. If you think you will be able to access Yellowhead while that major roadway construction is taking place, you'd better think twice. When we asked "what is the purpose or mandate of this change?"...the engineer's response was "to take away the lights at the intersections". Seriously??? Like this has been an issue for those using the Yellowhead??? If we don't want lights, we can take the Henday, no? City reps should at least visit the northside once in a while so that they really get a flavor of the traffic flows and access points (sorry no bike lanes project I'm sure - oh wait - Northside is not hipster enough!!). End goal is for everyone to use public transit - even though that's broken too. What previously was an efficient 15 minute LRT ride has now turned into a 30 minute ride with at least one breakdown every 1-3 weeks. Never mind the new LRT builds which have disrupted the city's traffic flow..and for what? A larger version of the antiquated system that will be replaced by a more efficient technology-based form of travel in 10 years?
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    • Doren 6 months ago
      Very well written but you should watch it....I posted something very similar to this last week after our info session.....and within a day they took it off the site....people should read this while they can it's great.
  • Save 66 street and yellowhead 6 months ago
    This is a nother dum move by city council , I thought the loop road was to take traffic off the yellow head now we have to pay to fix the yellow head no no no just leave it a lone it’s not going to help home owners south of the yellow head on 66 street get to work go shopping never mind the small businesses on 66 street say no
  • Tessa 6 months ago
    Not sure who benefits from this closure...perhaps all of the people who work in Edmonton but use the Yellowhead to get back to their own Town/City (Sherwood Park, Stoney Plane, St. Albert, etc.) but don't pay taxes here in Edmonton.
  • Save 66 street and yellow head 6 months ago
    Just say NO
  • Wleduc 6 months ago
    After the removal of the current intersection, I think access to the Yellowhead at 66 St is still important. Some sort of interchange is necessary.
  • allow access north and south 6 months ago
    The north south route is very important so if you remove access to yellowhead then at least provide an overpass to allow access especially since 66 street is the main access to North Anthony Hendy. Increasing traffic on 50 street and 82 second is not a good solution as these roads can barely accomodate the current traffic flow and forcing people to waste time and fuel going west or east to get to go north on 66 street is not a sustainble solution for the future.
  • Debra 6 months ago
    I see absolutely NO benefit! It cuts off communities and there is not a good alternative road. Why was 66 street chosen to be an exit off Henday then? So once you get on 66 st south your stuck. I've heard we are suppose to use Fort Road but thats a mess. Down to 2 lanes because of the train bridge and then all the congestion now with the new city bus storage. The traffic without closing 66 st is going to be a mess.If you have to go to 50 st thats not good either because between yellowhead and 118 ave thats not even a safe road! Those poor people that live there too!But once again its the north side and who cares, right? If this was on the south side this wouldn't happen. Northend gets discriminated against once again.Making yellowhead trail freeflow still wont stop long line ups - I always said I was glad I didn't have to travel Whitemud and here we are going to do it to the Yellowhead I have no problems with the occasional stop for lights on yellowhead.
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    • Brian 6 months ago
      Very well played, you hit on all the major topics Just hope in the city which is very political and never listen to anybody actually listen to people and make sense and live in the region.