Planned Yellowhead/66 Street Intersection Closure Concerns

6 months ago
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Update: This question has been rephrased in order to provide clarity about planned works for the project. 

With the planned removal of the signalized intersection at Yellowhead Trail and 66 Street, you may not be able to access, exit or cross Yellowhead Trail at 66 Street.

Thinking about this change, what are you most concerned about?

Explain your answer.

  • PeggyZ 7 months ago
    1. Living in Montrose and often using this intersection to go west on the Yellowhead, access 66 Street when travelling from the east on the Yellowhead and travelling north and south on 66 Street since 1991 I will now have to go out of my way to get to and from my neighbourhood, particularly to and from Londonderry Mall. Even using the shortest future Route 5 Fort Road over Route 1 50 Street and Route 2 82 Street, the added congestion at the overpass at the Yellowhead will make going to Londonderry Mall more frustrating (particularly to go for 45 cent wings at Tony Roma's on Wednesdays!) 2. Timing and duration of traffic signals to handle extra diverted traffic are going to be a nightmare for the city to figure out, especially during construction when users are figuring out the most efficient and least frustrating option for their route for each destination. Once traffic patterns and volume have settled down after construction is completed, I would assume traffic lights will be revisited to ensure smooth flow of traffic on the now future routes. 3. For me and my neighbours, the one busy intersection at Yellowhead and 66 Street will turn into several busy intersections along future Routes 1, 2 and 5. This boils down to an inconvenience as a resident in having to use more fuel, stand in traffic and deal with intersections that are already congested. 4. This closure could affect the sale of a residential property by decreasing the appeal of the neighbourhood as access to and from a residential area is often very important.
  • Tetyana 7 months ago
    Since I have been living in this area I use 66 Street and Fort Road to go to the Yellowhead. It is very convenient for every one who goes this way. Closure of the Yellowhead Trail and 66 Street intersection will make a great negative impact on this neighborhood.
  • CPayne 7 months ago
    I live in the Londonderry area and constantly use the 66st exit. It would be terrible if that exit wasnt there. It's a nice little exit to get from north to south without having to go through busy 97st or busy 82st. Not to mention it would also take away our commute heading east to yellowhead. 66st is a great road and I hope you guys dont take it away. It's a great and easy way to make it quick somedays to other parts of the city without having to back track or go around.
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
  • Judy 7 months ago
    It makes sense to change it. Put in an underpass instead. It always amazes me that this city makes traffic decisions only to find “oh my goodness” there is traffic. No planning for the traffic increase.
  • Montrose_Jen 7 months ago
    I live in Montrose and use the 66th street intersection to access Londonderry and Clareview (via Fort Road). I also travel to the west end for work three times a week (turn left onto Yellowhead). Removal of this intersection will increase traffic through the residential areas to access 50th street or Gretzky on already congested, narrow roads. People already avoid using 118 Ave because of on-street parking, high pedestrian volume (on and off crosswalks), and the short distances between traffic signals.
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
  • Harps 7 months ago
    why do the citizens on the north side keep getting the crap end of the deal when it comes to roads? the whitemud has access to all the major roads via over/under passes. closing that intersection will cause more traffic on 50 st and 118 ave which are already a big gong show. It should not be closed it should be made accessible to the residents and businesses just like the south side, we in the NE pay just as much in tax as anyone else but are forgotten!
  • Robert 7 months ago
    I Live in Highlands on 66 street between 112 ave and 118 ave. This street is 8 meters wide and the city of Edmonton has it designated as a collector road. A collector road according to the City's own specifications should be 11.5 meters wide. During rush hour 300 to 400 cars will shortcut between 112 ave and 118 ave on their way to the Yellowhead. They have the convenience of a traffic light at 118 ave. It appears to me that the city of Edmonton has condoned this shortcut, much to the chagrin and compromised safety of 66 street residents. I might also say that many drivers during rush hour also access 66 street by turning from 112 ave at 70 street and follow it to 114 ave and turn on to 66 street at the 4 way stop on 114 ave and 66st thereby creating more traffic north of 114 ave to 118 ave. Closing 66 street at the Yellowhead will stop most shortcutting and reduce traffic on our very narrow street.
  • jdearing 7 months ago
    I live int he Montrose neighbourhood. shutting down 66 st is ridiculous as alot take that route to work or to go to clairview & Londonderry, for people who don't drive you are proposeing to take away our Bus( 143) and now access to another Mall. This is ridiculous in every way, everyone is supposed to travel all the way around just because someone decided there was a better way. Well cutting off access from the community is a Bad idea.
  • katy 7 months ago
    I live in Bellevue and use this intersection every day, often multiple times, to go to and from the dog park at Hermitage, go to Costco, the TD bank on 50th st (the TD at 66th and 118 was removed), to go north to Londonderry, all sorts of things. This will put a serious crimp in my normal traffic patterns. To get to the Gretzky I have to turn left across 4 lanes of traffic. To get to 50th st I have to drive longer, and both 118 and 50th are already super congested. I am concerned that there will be major negative impacts on people living on and around and using those routes.
  • Save 66 street crossing and yellow head trail 7 months ago
    Save 66 street crossing and yellow head , This well put Traffic on to 118 ave fort road 50 street Look at the ring road it was to take traffic off of yellow head now they are putting more traffic back on the yellow head it only cost the taxpayers money
  • Gilly 7 months ago
    I understand the need to turn the Yellowhead into a freeway but do it the proper way with an interchange, not by cutting residents in the area off. I use 66 Street every day. Using Fort Road instead is a lame option; using 50 Street — a poorly planned two-lane road, will be out of the question with increased traffic.
  • NMR 7 months ago
    I'm concerned about the quality of the north-south traffic flow in the area. I think we could be creating one problem while solving another. As well, I'm greatly concerned about the cost of the project. The very last thing we need is more tax increases, which seems to be the modus operandi for our government which appears to be developing beyond our capacity to sustain.
  • Mat N. 7 months ago
    Being redirected.I use businesses and services in the area that I will either no longer be able to access without doubling travel time, or will just no longer use. This intersection serves as my main access point onto the Yellowhead, as well as between North Edmonton's amenities and my home. I would have to seriously reconsider anywhere I shop, dine or travel due to closure of this intersection, and it would have a profoundly negative affect on my family activities.
  • Albertan 7 months ago
    Increased volumes on Fort Road and 50st, which are already nearing capacity during peak hours. Safety of the EB ramp from Fort Road onto YHD (existing issues with short merge and poor sight lines). Issue will be increased with an increase in turning movements with 66St closed and a higher average travel speed on YHD. Impact on network/emergency routes when a high load striker occurs on the Fort Road rail structure. Community severance impacts, increased travel times.
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
  • Ani 7 months ago
    I will now have to drive fifteen minutes to take my son to daycare instead of the usual five or six minutes. Also, driving on Fort Road at rush hour is horrible. While I fully support most of the changes to the Yellowhead I urge you to reconsider the complete closure of this intersection. If the expense of a full interchange is the concern here a simple overpass for the north/south traffic to cross would greatly help my family.
  • H. Enders 7 months ago
    I believe there will be increased traffic on 50th St as a result of the closure at 66 St. and the Yellowhead. Right now, 50th St. is a poor road to travel, even during light traffic times. It is one lane, winding back and forth to make way for dedicated turning lanes. This would be a nightmare when the traffic increases two-fold, five-fold or ten-fold. What plans are being considered for 50th St.?
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
  • MS 7 months ago
    I live in Newton and am very concerned about the impact the closure of this intersection will have on east/west traffic on 118th and north/south traffic on 50th. Both roads are already difficult to turn on, especially during rush hour. Travelling north of yellowhead will become very difficult at the best of times with a complete closure. Maintaining north/south access even if a full interchange isn’t possible would do a lot to alleviate my traffic concerns.
  • David 7 months ago
    As the operator of a small business in the area, I am concerned how much this closure will effect business. A lot of my customers come off the Yellowhead, now with them being redirected and the increased traffic on other roads, I fear my business will suffer as people will be avoiding the area.
  • Evon S 7 months ago
    I am sorry to hear about this 66th street intersection closure for I frequent this area. I have grave considerations as to the monetary requirement that will be requested from the tax payer in this city if anything is done to this intersection. Thank you but no thank you.
  • Matthew. S 7 months ago
    I think right hand turns should be continued at the Yellowhead and 66 St. This should not impede traffic, plus it would ease congestion that will ensue at Fort Rd.
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    • sandineyes 6 months ago
      I agree. This in fact seems an obvious ( to the layperson at least ) decision.
  • SCD 7 months ago
    I'm in full support of this closure and other changes but I have one concern/suggestion. The current Eastbound exit from Fort Road on to Yellowhead can be dicey, consider making this a freeflow lane instead of a merge.
  • Don't close it! 7 months ago
    I travel on 66 St from 167 Avenue to 118 Avenue FOUR times a day to take my son to high school - this would very much affect my travel route and the amount of time and money that I need to spend to take him there. I understand that the school I take him to is my choice but the ability to travel in a straight line is an asset in my mind. I continuiously AVOID the frustrations of 50th St and 82nd St on purpose - have you ever tried to cross the Yellowhead at either of those crossings at rush hour? And Fort Road is a poorly planned intersection unless you drive it on a daily basis. All it take is a covering of snow and everone is lost because they don't know where the lanes are or where they are supposed to be.
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
  • Kimberlee Derk 7 months ago
    Increased traffic congestion at 50 St and Gretzky Drive. I actively avoid merging onto the Yellowhead from Gretzky Drive because it gets so backed up. I take the 66 St to Yellowhead route to work every weekday and often use Yellowhead and the Anthony Henday to get around the city in general. This closure is going to negatively affect me and my family in a significant way. I'm very disappointed to hear about it.
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    • Rebecca 7 months ago
      Agree. There is already so much traffic congestion to access Yellowhead from Gretzky Drive. 66 Street access eases this congestion.
  • Ann 7 months ago
  • Jenn M 7 months ago
    My primary concern is not being able to access the yellow head from 66 Street, as that is part of my daily commute. An overpass/underpass would be ideal for to still be able to travel north south on 66 st (I also use this route often). I understand if that is not possible and perhaps instead of closing it off all together, restrict access, as in removing the lights, no left turn or straight through. However, I still think there should be access via right free flow lanes on and off the yellowhead. I'm concerned 50th street and Gretzky Drive is not equipped to handle all the additional traffic if this intersection is completely closed. If this street does close I believe a light will be required at 50th street and 123 ave, because currently it is impossible to turn left there during most hours of the day, and would only get worst once 66st exit is closed. I strongly advocate for only a partial closure, allowing right turning on and off, to mitigate traffic congestion on 50th street.My secondary concern is regarding pedestrians and bike commuters. There are few transportation corridors for for pedestrians and bikers to cross the yellowhead (I know there is a study already in existence highlighting this problem), and I know the city has been working on trying to get people to rely on other transportation method that automobiles. Removing any existing crossing corridor, would make transportation for bikers and pedestrians more difficult. This plan need to consider how this will impact these modes of transportation and if any previsions will be made to allow for the passage of people and bikes via a walking bridge or underpass.
  • D 7 months ago
    I take this route daily to work. In the past, I have used 82nd to access the Yellowhead, but it became too risky due to its design. A huge concern I have is the 82nd St. merge onto the Yellowhead. The traffic does not flow so as to allow for a safe merge. The lane simply runs out and you are facing a concrete wall. One cannot simply stop. At peak times, drivers in the moving lane don't know your lane will run out and they do not let you merge making this a dangerous route I have since avoided. I changed to taking the 66 St. access is safe and I wish you were not closing it. Can having only 2 routes to the Yellowhead keep up with high volume traffic times? If one is unsafe, then it means a lot of us going out of our way to use 50th St. to access the freeway.
  • Kevin 7 months ago
    My thoughts:How will the increased traffic congestion for 50th and 82 street be addressed?I believe this will increase traffic in neighborhoods as drivers will be looking for short cuts from the main routesExiting Wayne Gretzky on to Yellowhead is already very congested, wait times will be drastically increased with the closure of other entrance points 50th street between 118 ave and Yellowhead, both directions, is really only one lane, this will become very congested
  • David 7 months ago
    I use 66 st north to cross the Yellowhead every day. It is the most convenient way to leave the Highlands area heading north. 50th street is too congested and 82 st is as well. There are already a limited number of ways to exit the North East part of the city. Both the Railroad tracks and the Yellowhead are major limitations not to mention the river to the south. We have already experienced the huge delays when construction occurs in this part of the city due to the limited options. In addition, 66 st has an underpass for the main rail track near Fort Road. It would be a complete waste to lose that underpass. I am not in favour of closing this intersection down. This is not a service to the area at all. Build an overpass instead. 66 st goes from the river all the way to 195 Ave, it is a major route with very few homes. It would be a mistake to close it.
  • Chris 7 months ago
    Who is calling for these massive redesigns of The Yellowhead? Although this is a major road through Edmonton it is not a freeway like the Whitemud and will never be. Businesses and neighborhood accesses have been built up around and along this roadway for years and now some paper pusher planners have taken an idea from the '70s and decided that now is the time to make it a freeway. Why should these intersections be closed at all as you can clearly see that they are intensely used and closure will only add money, time, frustration, congestion and major inconvenience to anyone using the Yellowhead. I use 66 St, all the time as this is a major intersection. What a fiasco.
  • Helpless 7 months ago
    I believe that this will only hurt the growth and revitilization of the surrounding neighborhoods. Given the loss of the collesium and Northlands this will only make these areas less desirable and force existing residents elsewhere due to inconvenience. Sad to see and very disappointing.
  • D.C. 7 months ago
    The even more congested traffic on 50 street . By closing it down I who walks mostly will have to walk way out of my way to get where I am going.
  • JD 7 months ago
    Biggest concern is the proposed elimination of the through traffic along 66 street across Yellowhead Trail. North - south access must be retained to avoid traffic congestion on alternative routes, such as 50 Street, 82 Street, and Wayne Gretzky/Fort Road.
  • TammyB 7 months ago
    I'm most concerned about delays in accessing my property. I own a house in a nearby neighbourhood and that is the way I come and go.
  • Catherine 7 months ago
    I am very concerned about this proposal. I live on 58 street and 121 avenue. I have a very ill sister at 68 street and 149 avenue. This will double the time to get to her. 50th street is already highly congested and the intersection at 50 Street and YH is a high accident area. This will double me time to get to work and seems to me to be poor planning. Why would we increase the speed limit on a freeway that is already accident-prone. This limits access on and off in case there is an accident! What about ambulance acess??? I will not be attending the open house as from past experience it is just a place to vent and does not result in any sympathy from the City planners.
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    • Kristin 7 months ago
      Well said!
  • Marv 7 months ago
    I have lived in this area all my life since 1963 in the Highlands & Baldwin communities and been driving 66street for 40 years. Closing 66st at Yellowhead will be one of the cities biggest mistakes. For one, have any of these planners tried driving south or especially north during morning or afternoon rush hours on 50st, Fort Road or 82st?? The afternoon rush hour north is ridiculous as it is and now with the new ETS bus station opening this year you are going to take the 66st traffic and congest 82st, 50th and Fort Road even further??? There are always people who go north on 50st and turn left on 129th ave to Fort Road and the big long trains always seem to show up at rush hour.... So you will make that line of traffic now from Belvedere Station all the way to 50st??? Vehicles on 82street will now be backed up south of 118ave all the way to Yellowhead??? Besides the traffic lights there are so many Pedestrian lights between 118ave and Yellowhead on 82st which slow the traffic down even more. I understand the need to close the intersection at 66st and Yellowhead but make it a "Fly By" bridge so people can still commute north and south. I don't believe we need access to the Yellowhead off 66st but we do need that road to relieve some of the congestion from the other main streets. How far do you want to back up traffic on Fort Road/Gretzky Drive because more people will want to turn north at 66st?? This is all just making a already bad situation worse. You are also going to make the morning commute south on 50st, 82st and Fort Road even more backed up even if you add another lane under the train tracks. This idea has no merit at all and after driving up and down 66st for 40 years I DO know what the closure is going to bring to all communities involved with this. Traffic between 50st and 82st will end up increasing going through residential areas more and that will become a nightmare for small children especially between 118ave and Yellowhead. 50 street is only one lane from 121ave to Yellowhead and the traffic again back up south of 118ave. This just will not work as you are trying to fix one problem by creating a larger one. I believe you also have to consider slower response times by emergency vehicles as well. Please if anything and you have to close the access at 66st and Yellowhead...... consider making a bridge/fly by ove the ellowhead. I am pretty sure the residents would get use to no access to the Yellowhead but they still need to be able to head north and south. Thank you
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    • Kristin 7 months ago
      Well said!
  • Susie 7 months ago
    I believe this idea is short-sighted and ill-conceived. Instead of making it more difficult to access the neighborhoods served by this road, every effort should be made to strengthen it. I am also very worried that alternative routes taken by heavy trucks trying to get around this 'upgrade' will greatly affect family oriented communities. And please be aware that alternate routes such as 50 street, are already strained.
  • Matt 7 months ago
    Access to the north end and Londondary Mall. Access to the northern legs of the Henday and massively increased traffic on 112th and 118th streets. There needs to be an underpass or overpass for 66th.
  • Concerned Citizen 7 months ago
    Intersections Closure is a very bad idea. Roads/Streets purpose is to provide access to residents and business. Freeway access is provided by the Henday. The YellowHead provides access to the individual business and residences. If the city needs to spend money on the Yellowhead make the Yellowhead three lanes both ways where feasible but do not close any intersections or access.
  • Connie 7 months ago
    Closing this major street is a horrible idea. Traffic would be increased on already busy 50th and 82nd street and in turn Wayne Gretzky and Fort Road. Weren’t there plans for an underpass or overpass there. Increasing speed on that curvy portion of yellow head could also lead to higher accident rates. Do any people who make these plans actually drive the routes that are impacted? They should.
  • Dan 7 months ago
    My concerns would be the added traffic in the Montrose and Newton area to access 50 street. This would increase traffic around Newton school. Accessing 50 street is also a concern as street light would have to be installed. Only one set of lights on 121 ave. 122 ave has a blind spot and you can't see south bound traffic. 123 ave would need light so traffic isn't waiting for EVER to turn onto 50 street. Ft Road access via 121 ave to Wayne Gretzky is already conjested enough. The speed increase is another concern. I've heard the reason for making this a freeway was for safety reasons. I don't think increasing the speed will help in this situation. The majority of the accidents I've seen on yellowhead are caused by speed and road conditions. Mostly in the curvy parts under 82 and Ft Road overpass. The other area is the 97 street west bound ramp. Morning traffic gets backed up and overflows onto the right lane of the yellowhead.I can't comment on other areas as I only travel up to 121 street. I'd like to know how the studies are carried out. Do the people making these plans and changes actually travel the area daily? It's easy to look at a map and move roads around. But you seriously have to take time to see all that can be impacted.
  • Ceci 7 months ago
    The Yellowhead Trail/ 66 St intersection is a great road, closure of it will make a great negative impact. First, it will be an extreme inconvenience: Lots of people use the 66 St to get direct access to lots of places: to work, back home, to north side such as Londonderry mall, getting access to Yellowhead trail to the west or to the east, getting access to Anthony Henday. It also helps reduce traffic for other routes.If the 66 St intersection is closed, you are putting more pressure on other routes. We will have to take extra time to detour to get to places: longer route = longer driving time = drivers get fatigue easily and get frustrated easily, as a result, might cause more accidents. More traffic volume will also cause more accidents.If Yellowhead Trail is converted into a freeway, the target speed will increase, and from my personal experience, I have seen lots of people driving over the speed limit, especially when getting off from an 80 zone to a 60 zone, people will still drive at 80+km/h on the 60 zone, and they either speed up to pass people who drive slower than them, or they tailgate them, which are not safe to do so. Also, there is a study saying higher driving speeds will result in an increased in car accidents. Moreover, consider the extreme weather in Edmonton, it’s not safe to drive that fast during winter/snow time.
  • Edmontongirl 7 months ago
    I would be most concerned about being trapped on fortroad going southbound with no exit strategy. It’s dangerous and careless. It chokes off the entire northeast quadrant from downtown if there is an accident. It’s alwYs been a reliever for this issue. Also how does anyone from the highlands get to Londonderry or to fort road? Over to waybe Gretzky and then back again. Not fair to the northeast to choke us off worse. With the transit garage doing in it’s going to be a disaster as it is. I think the impact of this transit Centre needs to be assessed before these changes are gene considered.
  • Mike 7 months ago
    Lived in Highlands for over 20 years and have seen traffic grow on 50 st. and 112 ave. To meet demand of new development in north east. I can't imagine the problems that creating more traffic going north and south will have on this already congested area. Especially areas of 50 street that are currently single lane in some places. Also there is lots of residential in this area south of Yellowhead on 50 St. and an increase in traffic will also mean an increase in traffic accidents.
  • Kristin 7 months ago
    This idea is very concerning for so many reasons. 66 Street (from 118 ave north) is a major commuter route both morning and afternoon, the amount of people who use it to either get on or off the Yellowhead or cross the highway is astronomical. I live in the Balwin neighbourhood and I use this highway exit/entrance every single day to get on the highway in the morning and I exit at 66 street and go north every evening. And if there is a major train blocking Fort road and 127 Ave most of us skip back over to the yellowhead from 50 street to 66 street to bypass the 20-30 minute wait that happens every evening around 5/5:20pm. Not to mention the businesses that operate in that area would have all their road traffic gone, making emergency vehicle access to this area much harder to get to, which is a public health issue and the extra traffic that would make using 50 street just ridiculous (which is basically one lane from 118 ave to Yellowhead). The area surrounding the Yellowhead has been growing for years and I don't think it's feasible to just close 66 street, who came up with such a stupid idea? And why do we need to increase the speed limit a measly 10km on a highway that goes through the middle of the city, 70km is great in my opinion, it still gets you to where you need to go and there is so much city access. Having 66 street and the yellowhead closed would be an absolute nightmare. I agree with what someone else said, you are trying to fix one "problem" (which I don't consider to be a problem) by creating an even bigger problem. This was not well thought out and people are going to be outraged, myself included, if this actually happens!
  • JP 7 months ago
    Access to 50th St from 123 Ave needs a traffic light to improve access. Cars sometimes have to wait for multiple light changes at the Yellowhead and 50th intersection before being able to turn north onto 50 from 123 Ave. Please put a light there if we are losing the 66th St access!
  • martin 7 months ago
    plain and simple this should be a overpass!!! whoever thought of closing it should not be in planning of our roads!!! this city is growing and doesn't need closers of main roads.
  • SD 7 months ago
    I live in the neighbourhood and have zero concerns with this intersection closing. Please do so as soon as possible.
  • Ann 7 months ago
    I think there still should be a exit lane both direction to get off Yellowhead onto 66st. And there should be exit lanes to get off 66st to get on the Yellowhead. Just plan it and it should work. Just eliminate the north and south crossing on the Yellowhead. The whitemud has all the street coming on to it. Planning is the key thing here. This way at least the business will still have people getting in to them. Fort Road exits are back up at rush hour morning and night. Poor planning if you don’t leave exits open on 66st. Lots of room on both side of the Yellowhead to have free flowing lanes to get on the Yellowhead. Thank you
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    • sandineyes 6 months ago
      I was going to write a similar post, but this one clearly explains it well.
  • JasonO 7 months ago
    A closure of 66 Street at the Yellowhead would be detrimental to the communities both north and south of the freeway. Such an action will create dead zones between 118 and 129 Avenues and would sever residents of Highlands from employment, education and shopping. Nobody will benefit from this arrangement.An interchange with the Yellowhead at this location is not necessary. An overpass would allow for unimpeded east-west traffic flow on the Yellowhead – which is the purpose of this project – and would preserve a valuable north-south corridor connecting Highlands to the rest of the city. This route already has most of the infrastructure it requires. The rail line is grade separated and there is an interchange at the Anthony Henday. A flyover at 66 street is the only thing missing.
  • Valerie 7 months ago
    I do not support this project, I personally drive the Yellowhead daily so I do not have to use main streets and avenues until necessary. I think this project will provide an inner city freeway but give the green light to speeders. Also the effect it will have on the business along this route going to be tremendous it mean lost revenue, and they may never get this good of a location to re establish there business and it will be costly. At this time the Yellowhead it is controlled by lights and in the event there is an accident at least drivers have the option to leave the Yellowhead and take an alternate route but if it is turned into a freeway with few exits then there will be major delays in the event of an incident.I also use the Whitemud and the Anthony Henday and both roads are full of speeders, accidents and delays.Also the impact this conversion will have on the city streets and avenues will be catastrophic, we the tax payer will have to pay , pay , pay which is already happening with the "rejuvenation" projects where older neighborhoods are getting new sidewalks, roads, street light etc..well my neighborhood just went through this and a lot of the new sidewalk, curbs, residents driveways had to be re done 2 and 3 time due to poor planning and materials.Still there are issues and the city has washed their hand clean of it. Things like cracked sidewalks pooling in the driveways etc..What a waste of money...Come on now...get it right already...Leave the Yellowheads Highway alone.
  • Cameron 7 months ago
    Rather than closing 66th street entirely, it would make sense to have a bridge over the Yellowhead for 66th street and then introduce some sort of limited access from 66th street onto the Yellowhead. Not a full interchange, but some sort of access.
  • DC 7 months ago
    The only real benefit will be that yellowhead trail will be free flowing. Closing this road off completely will not benifit the people that live and work in this area. I understand there is not enough room to create ramps to access the trail but a bridge over the trail will be a way for the people, emergency vehicles etc to gain access to the area. Using 50tst as a detour is not logical. It is not wide enough to take all that traffic. The fort road intersection is a disaster waiting to happen.
  • Jack2010 7 months ago
    Semi's have to drive though smaller roads, I have to drive an extra 10 minutes to go north on 66 street. Five years of volunteering at Santa's anonymous is now gone. Where are the statistics for traffic north/south on 66 street.
  • G 7 months ago
    I’m concerned about the huge increase in truck traffic on 50 st & traffic in general on that corridor. It is very busy already, especially during rush hour. Also access to businesses would be frustrating.
  • Daishi 7 months ago
    Traffic congestion is already common between 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM on the alternative routes 82 Street, and Wayne Gretzky/Fort Road and I find myself using the 66 Street quite often. Adding the additional lights and allowing left hand turns on 82 Street has only added to the mess. Traffic flow needs to be addressed on all alternate routes before you should consider closing 66 Street.
  • Jhow 7 months ago
    If the 66st intersection is closing then the route from 66th to Fort Road needs attention to support better traffic flow at peak times. Traffic backs up for blocks on 66 and dirt road heading south west towards downtown.
  • Gene 7 months ago
    I agree with the majority of the comments on this forum in regards to additional volume of traffic on 50 Street and Fort Road. Most specifically, Fort Road would be the most impacted as it is the feeder for most of north Edmonton to the southside or onto Yellowhead trail. For north and north east residents, Victoria Trail, 50 Street, Fort Road, and 82 Street would be the only roads to lead to the southisde but Fort Road and 82 Street and the 2 main arterial roads. I would think building a bridge over 66 street would be a solution for the future.
  • Firefly 7 months ago
    The laziness of the city engineers to think this way was the best solution it see ms their motivation is they don't have to think and work at doing a proper design of the overpass at the intersection. What seems strange is an overpass has been on the books for over twenty years at that intersection (that's why the humane/spca left that location was because of the overpass going in.It was supposed to be built about fifteen years ago, this is why I don't understand why they are cheaping out and not building it now. (I suspect that they new owners of the old gainers building is part of the reason why).The other reason why it is a bad idea, the badly designed Fort Road overpass can not handle the the traffic it has now, when you add the extra traffic it is going to be a disaster. It is hard to access the neighborhood as it is when they put in the overpass at Fort Road and now you are going to handicap the neighborhood even more. Way to go city push a depressed neighborhood even more by blocking the road off.If it was in an affluent neighborhood vices a blue collar or low income to lower middle class neighborhood I am sure the outcome would be different.I also think using 50th St is not a good option for the extra traffic as it can barely handle the traffic it has now.It comes across to me that the planners really did not think this thru and that they didn't care to think it thru.Hopefully they give their heads a shake and come up with a better plan than they have now, because they do not have a good plan that was well thought out and the holes are showing.
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    • Caseman 6 months ago
      I couldn't have said it any better...totally agree with your comments!
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      • sandineyes 6 months ago
        well thought out comment here.
  • Darcy 7 months ago
    The city will do what they want to do regardless of the community input. This is they way they have operated for years and nothing will change.
  • EHen1 7 months ago
    Accessibility, inconvenience, increased traffic flow north and south on 66 street. As long as 82 street is open for access onto the Yellowhead and for exits off the Yellowhead, this could be okay. Increased traffic again on 82 street north and south-busy already!
  • Caseman 6 months ago
    This is possibly the worst idea I've ever heard city planners come up with. I'm concerned that the city is creating a traffic nightmare by closing 66st. Like most that have commented here, I live in the area, and in an area that's already impacted by commuters short cutting though our neighborhoods it would make that problem worse! Please build an overpass!
  • racewalker 6 months ago
    lack of access to yellowhead east without travelling east a long way on side streets
  • doug 6 months ago
    I have lived in the Newton/Maypark area for 28 years. I feel this closure will simply force more traffic through the residential areas. A few years ago the City in fact installed traffic speed bumps on 121 avenue between 54 street and 50 street to deter traffic in the residentials areas. The people south of Yellowhead and west of 66 street may go up to Gretzky. The majority of the people south of Yellowhead and east of 66 street in the Montrose and Newton areas will flow east through residential areas past several schools to 50 street. The signal lights at 50 street/118 avenue and 50 street/121 avenue are already extremely busy. The intersection at 50 street and 123 avenue has no traffic control of any sort and can be nearly impossible to negotiate. And we have seen a very large increase of traffic in and out of Bergman over the last two years. 50 street was never designed properly as it goes from a very busy 4 lane road north of Yellowhead to an even busier 2 lane road south of Yellowhead!And what has really been addressed about the several hundreds of buses in and out of the new bus barns? This will no doubt effect traffic all day!
  • MS 6 months ago
    Edmonton public schools plans to amalgamate Montrose, Mount Royal and Highlands school into a single school at the highlands site. Closing 66st and yellowhead will increase traffic on 118th. What will be done to ensure pedestrian safety on this route especially given that elementary students will now be forced to cross 118 to get to their designated school? There have already been multiple car/ped collisions on 118 including some fatalities. This problem is only going to get worse with increased traffic.
  • Clint 6 months ago
    Not bike or pedestrian friendly. 50 street, Fort Road, and 82 Street are already at capacity and congested during peak times.
  • Andrea White 6 months ago
    I am concerned that I will not be able to cross the Yellowhead on 66 St. I use this route VERY frequently. I do not drive the Yellowhead, but use 82 St., 66 St., and 50 St. frequently. I am concerned that if there is not a flyover built on 66 St., that 82 St. and 50 St. will be congested. It does not make sense to have 66 St. become a dead end road in both directions at the Yellowhead. I will be very upset if they do not build a flyover.
  • Jason Robb 6 months ago
    I understand why the proposed change is beneficial overall but there are already traffic issues not being dealt with. Getting onto Yellowhead from Gretzky Drive at rush hour is already problematic- it gets completely backed up that cars trying to get to the Yellowhead interchange from Fort Road have no where to go! They have to park in the intersection! Of course they shouldn't but with the volume they would never be able to make progress for hours! What this plan doesn't address (that I can tell) is how all the rerouted traffic from 66st closure will be handled, considering the existing traffic already can't be handled by existing infrastructure!
  • Eric 6 months ago
    I agree that closing 66 Street will send traffic to 50 Street, Wayne Gretzky and 82 Street. Gretzky at YHT is an awkward and sometimes dangerous intersection.50 Street needs to be added to the plan as the overpass is already an awkward road. When travelling southbound over YHT and into the Newton/Bergman areas, it bottlenecks from 3 lanes to one, then that one lane expands to two only to force a right turn at 123 Ave and to narrow once again to one lane with a chicane at 121 Ave.The added traffic to 50 Street will make these odd lane adjustments dangerous as more volume will create more confusion.One possible solution to the problem is to remove street parking from 123 Ave to 118 Ave and to paint lanes. Currently, there are no lane markings on 50 Street
  • brendie 6 months ago
    Concerns are numerous. Closure of 66 St. is a BAD IDEA, all around, just read what people are writing - this is all the truth, City of Edmonton. Traffic congestion will become a nightmare for northsiders, as our current roadways get backed up as it is. Accident on the new freeway? Enjoy your wait in miles of backed up traffic - there's nowhere to exit. Speedbumps aren't going to help anything in the neighbourhoods, just increase driver frustration. The time to listen to the residents and design and build this properly is NOW. We have been waiting for an interchange for years. If you can't build an interchange, at least give us an overpass at 66 St. Please listen to our voices.
  • Jeff 6 months ago
    In very short terms, how can a project even at this stage be contemplating a design that does at a minimum NOT have a flyover on 66th street and I would say atleast the ability to go from northbound 66th to east Yellowhead and southbound 66th to west bound Yellowhead? We cannot further put traffic on Fort Road and that nasty bottleneck interchange at the Yellowhead which is a disaster already. Also, 82street in the last 5 years is frustrating and will be even more congested with these changes. Come on City....listen to the people because I am sure if this were LRT related no expense would be spared.
  • mgpainter 6 months ago
    Removing the traffic lights at 66 St and Yellowhead Trail causes several concerns:1. Increased southbound traffic from the Yellowhead Trail East onto 50 St toward downtown. 50 St south of the Yellowhead is a residential neighborhood that leads down to 112 Avenue which is also a residential neighborhood. 66 St just south of Yellowhead is a predominantly light commercial area. 2. 50 st southbound between 123 Ave and 118 Ave is currently only two lanes, one going north, one going south. To accommodate increased traffic the city would need to increase 50 St to four lanes. This means that they may ban parking on 50 st which can be problematic in a neighborhood with multiple residential rental houses and/or they may have to widen 50 St and pass the expense onto Edmonton taxpayers. 66 St is already designed and built for four lane traffic.3. If the traffic increases on 50th St south, the city will need to redesign and upgrade the intersection and traffic lights at 50 St and 118 Ave to protect pedestrian traffic going toward the bus stops on the southwest, northwest, and northeast corners of that intersection. These are busy bus stops and pedestrians are already at significant risk trying to cross that very busy intersection, particularly if they are older or disabled persons. Many people in the Beverly neighborhoods use public transit. The intersection and traffic lights of 66 St and 118 Ave are already designed to protect pedestrians and drivers.4. The business owners just south of 66 St and Yellowhead will be negatively impacted by the loss of traffic lights. Loss of business means loss of business tax income for the city.5. The 66 St intersection of Yellowhead Trail is the first place where traffic coming from Highway 16 East are forced to slow down from 100 kph to 80 kph. The traffic on Yellowhead Trail west of 66 Street is posted at 70 kph but many people drive at 80 to 90 kph. Slowing the Yellowhead Trail traffic down is important unless you plan to speed traffic up on the trail at that location which doesn't make sense because of a significant twisting bend at 68 St and other traffic merging onto the Yellowhead just past that.The only people who might benefit from the loss of traffic lights at 66 St and Yellowhead are people planning to drive straight through the city. They already have use of Anthonly Henday. The Yellowhead Trail is an urban freeway designed to benefit Edmontonians. Please keep it that way.
  • dougG 6 months ago
    I would like to see at least a flyer over across Yellowhead at 66 Street. When they put in the double red to get on the Yellowhead at 82 street, it often takes 2 or 3 lights to get through this intersection and so makes 66 street a reasonable alternative. I find many of the decisions the city makes with traffic control is to funnel traffic onto already busy roads, so a short sighted decision. This also causes people to shortcut and drive traffic onto residential roads. The Gretzky/Fort Road interchange at Yellowhead is unsafe to enter and/or exit Yellowhead. The alignment of the intersection and the on and off ramps is not good. To say nothing about emergency vehicles that may have to travel further for emergency calls.
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    • Jeff 6 months ago
      Agree 100%
    • Brikv 6 months ago
  • Donald 6 months ago
    66 St south should be a RIRO (right in right out) configuration, with adequate decelerate/acceleration lane of course. 66 St north will be served by the RIRO at 125 Ave.My preference would be an overpass for 66 St with zero interface with Yellowhead Trail, similar to 66 St over Anthony Henday in the SE, but probably no budget for that.
  • Jajvan 6 months ago
    I would like to see at least a flyover on the Yellowhead at 66 street. No crossing would severally impede access to North Edmonton for those living south of the Yellowhead. Presently, 50 street at 137 is jam packed on the weekends and going to Gretzky is too far around. The elimination of this crossing would serve to almost isolate those communities south of the Yellowhead.
  • KLW 6 months ago
    I use this intersection to access Yellowhead trail from 66 street southbound when the traffic is so backed up on 66 street and Fort Road. If you close this intersection, there has to be much more volume of traffic flow from 66 street southbound on to Fort Road southbound, so people can access Yellowhead from Fort Road. In addition, there has to be a way for residents in communities bordering 66 Street to go south past Yellowhead to access places like the Highlands Library, Eastglen Rec Centre, etc. It would be out of the way to have to go down Wayne Gretzky off of Fort Road just to get to 118 avenue. Finally, the plans need to make sure people can no longer get on to or off of the Fort Road at 68 street and 126 a avenue. This is so dangerous! And such an annoyance.
  • Marv 6 months ago
    These neighborhoods north and south of the Yellowhead are nice quiet older neighborhoods and the closure of 66st; Yellowhead will change all that. Other then the traffic congestion which will result in 82ndst, Fort Road and 50st routes, people always look for shortcuts and they will use all these neighborhood side streets. I think it is about time our city Councillor & the Mayor let the people affected by this, vote to see what they want and not just go with a plan they believe will work. I also believe our Provincial & Federal government officials for this area should look at what these communities want as we are the ones who vote them in. The cost is shared by the city and both provincial and federal governments so we should have all these people fighting for the people in our communities and constituents. If they don't they will be losing quite a few votes to someone who will stand up for the residents against the city and the planners. This is turning into the same fight residents had with the city when they changed their minds and were not going to build overpasses over Calgary Trail at 23st. They finally built it because the people pressure and also that the mayor at that time was scared to lose the election.
  • NS 6 months ago
    Reading all of the commentary confirms what we already know. The majority of residents and business owners DO NOT AGREE with this change, yet if you think the majority voice (OF TAXPAYERS) will change the City's mandate, we are all fooling ourselves. It's just a strategy for the City to confirm they "covered their asses" by conducting a stakeholder consultation, regardless of findings or taxpayers opinions. Again, key word - taxpayers. When they publish the final report noting their findings from all of the stakeholder consultations, it will not state the real opinions - only theirs, not ours. They'll spin the findings and ensure they are communicated in a manner that indicates the majority of us are "NOT ONLY IN AGREEMENT, BUT EXCITED BY THEY CHANGES!" They've already made up their mind - they are just placating us, the taxpayers who will actually be affected by the change. From a common sense perspective, it doesn't make any sense. Yellowhead Trail has been ENTRENCHED with those access points since it was built 30+ years ago - a main artery to access those major streets to get to work, home, shop, access other areas north and west, etc. Taking them away basically shuts down that access. Attending the information session on Saturday was confirmation that the city really doesn't have any foresight or common sense...we asked about accessing NAIT from Yellowhead and the CITY engineer said that "they hadn't thought that far ahead and maybe a roundabout would be built. Seriously - over where - the cemetary and CN tracks? Give us a break. The Henday is already a nightmare during rush hour and now you want to landlock vehicles onto a stretch of road with no in and out access unless you are at either end? And let's not forget the upcoming major project to widen Fort Road over by the new bus barns. If you think you will be able to access Yellowhead while that major roadway construction is taking place, you'd better think twice. When we asked "what is the purpose or mandate of this change?"...the engineer's response was "to take away the lights at the intersections". Seriously??? Like this has been an issue for those using the Yellowhead??? If we don't want lights, we can take the Henday, no? City reps should at least visit the northside once in a while so that they really get a flavor of the traffic flows and access points (sorry no bike lanes project I'm sure - oh wait - Northside is not hipster enough!!). End goal is for everyone to use public transit - even though that's broken too. What previously was an efficient 15 minute LRT ride has now turned into a 30 minute ride with at least one breakdown every 1-3 weeks. Never mind the new LRT builds which have disrupted the city's traffic flow..and for what? A larger version of the antiquated system that will be replaced by a more efficient technology-based form of travel in 10 years?
  • Brikv 6 months ago
    Traffic on 50st from 118 to yellowhead is already terrible. Offering this as the alternative without adding substantial infrastructure to 50th st (lights at intersections and widening for more lanes) will be a disaster. 66th st with multiple lanes and controlled intersections makes much more efficient use for traffic access to yellowhead.
  • Paula 6 months ago
    50 st traffic is already congested. I don’t want to be stuck in traffic jams every day more on ramps is better. Keep the 66 street exchange. Please
  • traffic flow 6 months ago
    The north south route on 66 street is a longstanding well used road that allows direct access to the north Hendy. It allows traffic to be more dispersed so that congestion on 50 and 82 is somewhat less of a problem. When an accident occurs on either of those well used streets it allows traffic to be diverted instead of sitting in traffic jams polluting the environment even more. So instead of just closing the access put in an overpass and allow the traffic to continue flowing.
  • Deb 6 months ago
    Once again a total boondoggle of this city's planning! We now have the Hendey to get around the city without lights. Why would there be an exit/entrance at 66 st off the Hendey then if you can't get through 66 st? The yellowhead was proposed over 20 years ago as a freeway & it never happened then due to protests.. Both 50 Street & Wayne Gretzky are very congested as it is to get on/off the Yellowhead. What you will create is a major thoroughfare on 118 ave and the mainly residential 112 ave that already has issues as the continuance of the Gretzky "freeway". People use it as a main feeder already with major issues of speeding to get to 50th street!I'm hoping that the planners will listen to concerns of the taxpayers from this area!!!! If there is an accident along this stretch of road, where & how do emergency responders get to it when you have closed off a major access?There has to be an overpass built then to at least move traffic north and south, as how can you move that much more traffic through 50 st & Fort road???What are these planners thinking?? Born & raised here and after 60 years I'm ready to move out of this messed up city!! PLEASE listen to the taxpayers !!!!
  • William 6 months ago
    As a Newton resident, I think the move to close off access at 66 Street is shortsighted. Less access points means more congestion at the intersections left open. It also leads to more cutting through neighborhoods. 50th Street is already congested and hard to cross or enter from my neighborhood and the move would likely increase times to get onto the Yellowhead. Since the overpass option seems to have been left in the dust, I say leave it as is. It isn't a real freeway anyway, unless you eliminate all non overpass access. It also would effectively kill business access between 118 ave and the Yellowhead and make going North to Londonderry or 137 Ave much harder.Invest in an overpass or leave it alone.
  • Richard 6 months ago
    Shed a tear for me. I am a frequent pedestrian who crosses the Yellowhead by foot, I assume a footbridge will be built. Just try to use one of these things in the winter. Worse still for a handicapped person trying to navigate a (assumed to be built here) ramp.)
  • Denise Dawson 6 months ago
    I do not want to lose a north, south access at 66 st and Yellowhead. If you do not make a north, south crossing the other two roads ie Fort Road and 50th street will become even more congested. Also traffic on 118 and 112 avenues will increase and I don't think increasing traffic on neighborhood roads is a good idea. Plus I would like to know we're the semi trucks are to go to get to the businesses on 66 st.