Priorities for Yellowhead Trail between 82 Street and 50 Street

6 months ago
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What do you feel are the three most important considerations for the City when planning the changes to Yellowhead Trail between 82 Street and 50 Street?

  • PeggyZ 7 months ago
    1, Inconvenience to residents in neighbourhoods directly affected by the closure of the intersection of the Yellowhead and 66 Street.2. Additional congestion at existing intersections on future routes (1, 2 and 5).3. Timing and duration of traffic lights at intersections on the future routes (1, 2 and 5).
  • katy 7 months ago
    1) Great inconvenience to local residents who use this intersection all the time.2) a big increase in traffic on already congested, narrow alternative routes.3) Further deterioration of the neighbourhood. We're trying to bring it back to life, not kill it!
  • Gilly 7 months ago
    I understand the need to turn the Yellowhead into a freeway but do it the proper way with an interchange, not by cutting residents in the area off. I use 66 Street every day. Using Fort Road instead is a lame option; using 50 Street — a poorly planned two-lane road, will be out of the question with increased traffic.
  • Mat N. 7 months ago
    1. Safety.2. Local access (businesses/residents).3. Traffic flow.
  • NMR 7 months ago
    1) Think of how this will profoundly negatively affect all of us near-by residence with the reduction of a major north-south roadway.2) The alternate routes are already nearing capacity at peak hours. How are we expecting these routes to not become problematic?3) I think that we need to look at the long game and think clearly of how this will affect the revitalization of the near-by neighbourhoods and how we can work this transportation plan to enhance revitalization rather than thwart it.
  • Albertan 7 months ago
    Consider impacts on the existing network, both short and long term, in terms of safety and travel times. Consider building a flyover on 66st for emergency management, route redundancy (ie accident on Fort Road), and community connectivity. Consider the accommodation of pedestrians/cyclists. Consider making the EB ramp from Fort Road free flow to increase safety.
  • citizen of 66 7 months ago
    totally agree with statements already provided.
  • MS 7 months ago
    1. Consider the impact on residents and nearby roadways with the potential loss of a major north/south route. 2. Consider impact on existing businesses and what change in access will mean to these businesses. 3. Consider the economic impact reducing access to nearby areas will have on property values as well as attractiveness of the area for residents businesses alike, especially given the recent closure of the nearby collesium prior to a plan for the area.
  • Rick 7 months ago
    1. The inability of Fort Rd. and 50 St. to carry the extra traffic from 66st. The city is full of congested roads, we don't need any more congestion. Also more congestion means more carbon dioxide emissions. 2. Eastbound ramp from from Fort Rd. needs to be upgraded.3. Building a flyover at 66 St. That would supply a much needed road over Yellowhead Trail at 66 St. Because Fort Rd. and 50 St. will not be able to carry the extra vehicle load due to Fort Rd. bus terminal and an inadequate overpass at 50 St. A prefabricated steel bridge could be used as a flyover. Approximate cost, $500,000.
  • Brian 7 months ago
    I'm concerned about the large amount of foot traffic along the yellowhead corridor between businesses, services, and residents. How exactly will you ensure pedestrians and cyclists can move through the city safely and efficiently? We will need pedestrian bridges to replace any crossings removed, and significant safety improvements at existing crossings. thanks-Brian
  • SCD 7 months ago
    I'm in full support of the closure of 66th and the other planned changes. The considerations I'm thinking about are: 1. Timing and planning - ideally the Fort Road widening is completed prior to the closure of Yellowhead2. Consider making the EB exit off of Fort Road onto Yellowhead a freeflow to increase safety, today this merge can be dicey.3. Yellowhead trail widening is completed in a timely fashion
  • Jenn M 7 months ago
    1. Traffic Impacts to other streets, ie. 50th., which may results in additional costs and accidents along those routes. 2. Connectivity to between north and south of the Yellowhead, Looking at all modes of transportation (bike/walking). Reducing pathways would impact pedestrians and bikers more than cars. There are already existing connectivity problems getting across the yellowhead, espically for pedestrians and bikers.3. Who gets the most benefit of closing the intersection? Neighbouring communities who contribute to the Edmonton tax base? Or commuters from Edmonton bedroom communities, who don't contribute to the tax base or use this intersection, and just travel through?
  • orangemanbad 7 months ago
    Increase maximum speed limit on yellowhead trail to 100kmph. If it's not safe enough for that speed, then make it safe enough.
  • D.C. 7 months ago
    Neighborhood accessibility. It's a major thorough fare for emergency vehicles into the community which is home to many seniors in private homes as well as in senior citizens homes and on the daily basis emergency vehicles use 66 street to access these calls and they cross the Yellowhead at 66 street. I am concerned more lives will be lost with the already congested time for an emergency vehicle to access such calls if they are adding extra time to get there. 😢And thirdly the 99 bus is a good way for many to cross the Yellowhead at 66 street to get to the Belvedere area for shopping, school and even work. By closing it down it means more transfers to our even more messed up LRT system and Edmonton transit system not making it any more encourageable for us who don't drive to take transit to the Belvedere area for our shopping and school and even work needs.
  • Richard 7 months ago
    The 50 st exit off the yellowhead (westbound) is a high danger area. If you are heading south at the 50st lights then you have to turn left meanwhile eastbound traffic is turning right to go south. The traffic turning right has the right of way. I have seen hundreds of close calls where west facing vehicles try to cut off east facing vehicles at this intersection. There are usually a lot of large semi trucks turning south (right) from the 125 a business park area, and the passenger vehicles that are coming from the yellowhead turn south (left) and try to beat the semi trucks. This happens multiple times per day. I have personally seen this happen 3 - 4 times per day since moving to this area. I believe a possible solution could be an advanced or delayed turn signal for the people coming from the yellowhead turning south (left).
  • JD 7 months ago
    1 - Maintain vehicular access across Yellowhead Trail at 66 Street.2 - Eliminate the right in and right out access near 66 Street to Yellowhead Trail3 - Improve the traffic flow at Fort Road/Wayne Gretzky/Yellowhead Trail intersection4 - Replace all the trees removed to widen fort road at the rail road underpass in the nearby communities.
  • Edmontongirl 7 months ago
    1. I think they need to see what the impact of the transit garage will be on fort road before they consider any more structural closures in the area. Everyone is happy that yellowhead might save them 2 minutes here but no one is talking about the entire northeast quadrant of the city trying to get to downtown and on to the yellowhead. Accidents happen here ALL the time. We need the exit off fort road. 2. I agree the yellowhead is going to be a choked out wall for miles. This is concerning. 3. I think they city should assess just how much this is used. It’s a relevant road. Perhaps there is another alternative so that there is no left turn westbound off the yellowhead at 66th. If cars turned right (southbound) on 62nd street and then westbound at 122nd Ave they could get northbound again on 66th. This would work much like the 142nd exit on yellowhead. The loop. This would shorten the light time at 66th and yellowhead significantly. Thoughts?? 😀It would also be helpful to access the ball diamond and hockey arena as well as gymnastics and marital arts centers in the area. So many businesses are effected in this choice. Many of them surrounding being active!!! Isn’t that a city priority?
  • Mike 7 months ago
    1. Increase in traffic on 50st2. Increase in traffic on 118 and 112 ave3. A single traveler on a bicycle slows the traffic flow considerably already in these areas. Keep bicycles off main arterial streets.
  • Jack2010 7 months ago
    Close left turn at 61 street from Yellowhead eastbound, Make the off ramp at 50 street longer for semi's to slow down and widen 50 street to allow semi's to make a U turn onto a parallel road going into Industrial Heights. Make a longer on-ramp westbound from 61 street. Keep the speed on the entire Yellowhead at posted 70km/hr. Right now the average speed is 80 km. Keep 66 street intersection open for all traffic. It is only 4 minutes in light changes. Keep double right turn from Yellowhead westbound to 66 street south. closing this intersection will, in my opinion just move the volume of cars to 50 street , Fort road and Gretsky drive. I was told that Gretzky drive will be modified from split road to single road in front of the Colosseum at a later time.
  • Daryl 7 months ago
    they could put a under pass on 66st and still close most of the other accesses
  • Bell53 7 months ago
    1) Recognize the benefits of having multiple options for commuting and travel. Funneling people in from far-flung suburbs along high-speed highways has been a disaster for other cities. We need different solutions. 2) Consider the needs of the people ahead of big business, such as developers who want to keep building suburbs further and further away from the centre, and transportation industries that want faster access to the rail yards. 3) Work to find alternate solutions; building more highways is environmentally damaging, comes with huge saftey and health risks (for which there are serious financial costs), and also results in long-term social problems. Look at what HAS worked in other cities, and follow those models.
  • Gene 7 months ago
    1) look at the impact of the new bus barn at Fort Road. This is already a choking point and is a main arterial road to the Yellowhead and access south of the Yellowhead. 2) Consider a under/over pass for 66 street at Yellowhead. Closing this would definitely choke Fort Road and 66 Street. Modifications to this intersection a few years ago was the smartest thing that happened with the creation of a double turn lane for north bound traffic onto 66 street north. Definitely reduced congestion. Also, increasing the timing of the lights at Fort Road and Yellowhead for south bound traffic increased the flow. 3) Require to widen Fort Road at the bridge so that there is at least 3 lanes in both directions.
  • Firefly 7 months ago
    1. An overpass at 66st (no discussion on this, It must be done).2. A redesign of the mess that is the fort road interchange include the absolutely stupid off ramp on to the Yellowhead eastbound. (whoever came up with that design should end up in jail for his complete negligence in any respect of safety in its design.3. Fix the curve or straighten out the road under the train overpass as that part of the road is quite dangerous and numerous accidents happen there. Especially when it is slick or icy.
  • EHen1 6 months ago
    Road conditions, how it will affect businesses, environment, traffic flow. There are not only three considerations. The roads already are in poor conditions. I like the comments on the concerns page. Every time there is construction, there is limited traffic flow which increases travel time and frustrations and the Yellowhead is already quite busy, especially in the afternoon peak hours.
  • doug 6 months ago
    The additional traffic thru areas that are not suitable for this. The City needs to maintain north/south down 66 street. I feel there should be a 66 street overpass over the Yellowhead.And the many existing businesses in the area need access to the businesses. To isolate them is just wrong. Property values will plummet if this access is not maintained. And those who would have to move or choose to move will get nothing for their property And then who in their right mind would want to move into this stagnant area?
  • Andrea White 6 months ago
    1. Please build a flyover at the 66 St. intersection.2. Please build a flyover at the 66 St. intersection.3. Please build a flyover at the 66 St. intersection.
  • Clint 6 months ago
    1. Pedestrian and bike access (the LRT bike trail is NOT practical for access to 66 St. area, also there are genuine safety concerns)2. Adding additional traffic to Fort Road is NOT a solution. Congestion during peak commuter times is already an issue.3. Adding additional traffic to 82 St. and 50 St. will make them unbearably slower.
  • Eric 6 months ago
    I will be happy with the closure of the 62 Street intersection as I have been cut off many times with westbound merging traffic and northbound crossing traffic. This is a big safety improvement. This, once again, leads me to mention that the overpass at 50 Street ins in desperate need for a redesign to accommodate the increase in traffic.
  • brendie 6 months ago
    1. Do NOT close 66 St. at the Yellowhead, if you can't provide an interchange, at least provide an overpass or flyover. 2. If 66 St is closed, traffic congestion will be a nightmare for northsiders, the offramps will be backed up - huge safety issue. 50 St and 82 St. cannot take an increase in commuters...too busy as it is. 3. Don't let us down, city planners. Listen to us and keep access at 66 St. open, it's more cost-effective to do it now than down the road. We want to remain a vibrant part of the city - don't shut us off. It seriously doesn't make any sense to close a main road that has been here for ages. At least give us an overpass.
  • mgpainter 6 months ago
    1. The cost of upgrading for the increased traffic trying to get downtown through predominantly residential neighbourhoods.2. Accessibility to the commercial and residential neighbourhoods of east Edmonton for Edmonton residents.3. Keeping 50 St south and the Highlands neighbourhood free of increased traffic to downtown from bedroom communities.
  • traffic flow 6 months ago
    It is important to balance the needs of all. So allow continued access along the north south route on 66 street by building an overpass for cars, bikes, and people. This still meets the needs of the freeway below so seems like a more commonsense approach than only incresing the speed on a freeway which doesn't address the needs of the residents in the city who actually pay taxes to live here.
  • Helen 6 months ago
    Keep 66 street north south open with overpass or underpass. This is an absolute must for the people in this area and for computers needing to go this route. 50th street is already too congested and there will be lots of zig zagging through residential. If you live in this area you see this already,